Many Hands Make Light Work, Lets Work Together!

We know life is busy! Please consider volunteering for this event, you can give as little or as much time as you like! All are welcome!

Silent auction point person needed!  Volunteers are needed to contact merchants for contributions to the auction, assistance with setup on the day of cabaret and distribution of items at the end of the night. Please keep a look out for Lynn’s e-mail reminders about how you can help. Please contact Cabaret chair, Karen Vitale to learn more.

Intermission dessert donations needed. Our food committee does a tremendous job of offering cabaret attendees a beautiful array of homemade and store bought desserts donated by our Haverford choral families. Please consider contributing.

Ticket Sales are chaired by Annemarie Furdella. Volunteers are needed to assist Annemarie with advance tickets sales and to run shifts at the ticket table the day of the event.

The food committee is chaired by MaryEllen Winoski and Dana LaRosa. The committee meets once or twice before the event and is seeking volunteers to help with 'dressing' the buffet and beverage tables as well as preparation of the food and buffet on the day of the event.

The decorating committee is chaired by Jen Smith. The committee meets twice before the event and on the morning of the event to dress the lobby in this year’s theme.

Student Dinner We are seeking 2 volunteers to organize and chaperone the student pizza dinner before the performances begin. This dinner traditionally takes place from 4:45-5:30 and is sponsored by HHS Choral Council. Details: Arrange delivery and set up of pizza for students. Organize additional snacks such as veggies and chips, ice tea and lemonade. Please contact Simone sswantak@gmail.com for more information.

Floral Arrangements We are seeking one or two volunteers to manage the cabaret floral arrangements for the food and ticket tables.

Tablecloth Committee The devil is in the details!! Contribute to this event on your own schedule, or perhaps you know a retiree who would like to help? Ironing table cloths in advance of the event is HUGE. This task allows the food, decor and auction committees to get straight to set up the morning of the event without having the stress of having to iron 32 cloths! We are asking the cloths be pressed, folded and hung on a hanger, ready to be delivered to HHS prior to the event and a point person to lay the cloths on the tables the day of Cabaret.

For general questions about the event please contact Karen Vitale