Lets work together! Many hands make light work...

The Haverford Choral Arts program relies on parent volunteers to keep the program strong.  The Haverford Choral Association is a parent run volunteer organization.  We share an appreciation for our outstanding choral program at Haverford High School.  Please consider joining us and support our choral students and Director, Marsha Core with a variety of tasks that help to keep the program moving forward.


Our program is actively seeking two Volunteers to assist with uniforms.  Shadow our 2 senior parents Peter Monteleone and Kim McCrossan this year and consider taking the reigns for 2020.

Choral Cabaret Silent Auction Chair

Choral cabaret is our one and only annual benefit concert.  Cabaret is actively seeking a silent auction chair or co-chairs for Cabaret 2019. We are also looking for committee members to break this project down into small jobs that can be shared. This does not have to be a huge time commitment for anyone! Thank you in advance for your consideration! Please contact Karen Vitale to speak further about chairing or becoming a committee member.

  • Online soliciting, basically emailing existing donors to see if they are willing to donate again and contact potential new donors where approaching by email is most effective (Panera, Applebee’s, etc.) and following up. Contacts and sample email letters will be provided…this is easy and you don’t have to talk to anyone!  –  1 to 2 people
  • In-person soliciting, needed to approach and follow-up with restaurants and various retail businesses who have donated in the past or new ones that may consider donating. We have an extensive existing contact list of donors and it is always fun to think of new people and businesses to approach…it never hurts to ask! People are friendly! Some soliciting work is done in the late fall, but the majority is done in January and February – 4 to 6 people
  • Graphic design/desktop publishing person to produce auction table ads and bid sheets – 1 to 2 people

All are welcome! Please join the 2018 Executive Board, or consider becoming a member at large