Mens Uniform

Please keep in mind the reason for a uniform is to blend together as a unit, not to accentuate individual difference.  Parents are asked to check their student’s uniform for cleanliness and completeness prior to each performance.  Uniforms should be treated with respect and returned in good condition. Seniors return uniforms to Miss Core the week after the Spring Concert. Underclassmen return uniforms immediately after graduation performance to Room 104.  Students will need to bring a change of clothing with them.

HCA will provide a black tuxedo jacket, pants, white tux shirt, black cummerbund and a black bow tie.

Student-provided uniform pieces  All students wear their own black socks and black dress shoes; please no casual shoes. NO SNEAKERS, WORK BOOTS, OR WHITE SOCKS will be permitted during performance.

Scent Policy  No student should use cologne or after-shave before a performance.  Many of our members are highly allergic—we don’t want to stifle sneezes during a concert!

Hair Guidelines  Hair for all students should be styled away from the face whenever possible, no eyes covered with bangs. Hair should be of normal human hair color, not green, purple, false red or any other hue that would draw attention.

Uniform Care Shirts should be washed and dried after each performance. They may be ironed if wrinkled. Tuxedos should be dry cleaned only.  All students must keep their uniforms hung up neatly between performances.


Mens Uniform Checklist

HCA supplies the following items:

□       black tuxedo jacket and pants, hemmed as necessary

□       black bow tie

□       black cummerbund

□       white tuxedo shirt

□       HCA garment bag


Students supply the following items:

□       black dress shoes and black socks