Fundraising Scrip

Scrip Fundraising

What is “scrips”? With scrip fundraising, retailers offer gift cards to non-profit organizations at a discount. HCA receives Giant and Acme gift cards at a 5% discount and you purchase them at face value. The profit goes into your students' trip account, $5 for every $100 gift card purchased.

Everyone buys groceries. Why not passively raise funds while doing what you already do? It adds up quickly! Scrip cards are available from our HCA coordinator (contact info below) and are sold at most performances.  Grocery scrip is available in denominations of $100. Please contact Gina Borgesi to get started with grocery scripts.

Another way to build your trip account is through Wawa shortie hoagie coupons. Each coupon is $4.00 and $1.00 of that goes into the students' trip account. Please contact Gina Borgesi to purchase coupons.

Our choral students will be invited to participate in at least 2 trips over their 4 years with Haverford Choral.  Each trip can run $500- $600 dollars per student.  It’s never too early to start!