Audition Prerequisites for Concert Chorale

    • Match pitch VERY well
    • Maintain a resting tone while singing
    • Hear & sing the difference between a half step (ti-do) and whole step (do-re)
    • Sing with a clear head tone appropriate to age and voice quality
    • Follow his/her assigned part in a vocal score
    • Hear the difference between major and minor
    • Identify the names of the lines and spaces of treble “G” clef
    • Hear and identify the difference between duple and triple meter patterns
    • Pronounce simple English and Latin texts clearly as if for singing
    • Sightsing a simple vocal line in a comfortable range using tonal syllables
    • Prepare a simple vocal line made of simple duple or triple rhythm patterns and simple melodic passages in a common key
    • Sing a simple melody and begin on the correct note with only the resting tone as a reference

It is recommended all students have a pitch pipe, piano, electric keyboard or other concert pitch instrument with which to practice at home.

A $10.00 one time Folder fee and a yearly activity fee is requested in early September.