The Choral Cabaret is the Haverford Choral Program’s major fundraiser, it is a wonderful evening where the choral students can showcase their talents. It is also an evening filled with delicious food in a beautifully decorated setting. This year’s Cabaret will be held the evening of Saturday, March 4th. We are planning a silent auction to add to the enjoyment of the evening and we need your help to make it a success!

Some donation ideas for the auction are:

o Weekend getaway at the shore or mountains – if any of our parents have a home they would be willing to donate
o Sporting event tickets – Flyers, Phillies, etc.
o Orchestra or museum tickets
o Theater Tickets
o Restaurant gift certificates
o Jewelry and Accessories
o Sports Memorabilia
o Music Lessons
o Massage gift certificates
o Baked goods – previous items were three months of home baked cookies (winner chooses the months), a scrumptious tray of baklava
o Items you may have purchased or received but never used – we have had donations of barbecues, handmade sweaters, etc. Re-gift to the Cabaret!
o Unused gift cards

Don’t have anything you want to part with or don’t know what to give? We need items for theme gift baskets to use in the auction. Here are a few ideas for items you can buy to donate:
“Sunday Fun-day” Picnic Basket of cheeses, crackers, cookies, snacks, napkins, picnic games, etc.; Pasta Lovers Basket of pastas, sauces, bread sticks, salad dressing, etc.; Tea or Coffee Lovers Baskets with sweet treats or a spa basket.

Use your imagination – we are sure with the very talented group of students we have in our chorus, there must be many hidden talents that the parents can share!

We are looking for 30 to 40 items for the auction. Please email me if you have an auction item you can contribute.

Volunteers are also needed to contact merchants for contributions to the auction. I have a list of merchants who donated last year, but am also looking for some new ideas. If a few people volunteered to contact 4 or 5 merchants, it would be really helpful. Assistance with setup on the day of the Cabaret would also be helpful. Please let me know if you are interested in working on the auction.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Lynn Fitzgerald
Chair – Silent Auction
Cell 610-405-2065